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Updated 7/21

Alyssa Wednesday afternoon after surgery.

Alyssa Marie Neubauer

Alyssa on Tuesday afternoon on the day of her birth. She was 5 lbs. 10 oz. and 20 in. long.  She was 6 weeks early.

             Our daughter, Alyssa, was born at 8:38 on Tuesday July 11th 2006.  Our little adventure started about three weeks earlier.  My wife Courtney went to the doctor for her regular prenatal visit and was admitted to the hospital with high blood pressure.  This got her doctor looking for something else.  She was released later that same night and readmitted on Monday.  This is when they found the mass on Alyssa’s neck.  Originally it was thought to be a Lymphangioma.  After researching about this and finding out it really wasn’t that bad we were told it wasn’t a Lymphangioma, that it was a cervical teratoma.  The doctor explained to us that this was basically a stem cell that went the wrong way.  We were told she would be delivered in an EXIT procedure.  This is a c-section that is much more involved.  The teratoma was crushing Alyssa’s trachea and therefore would not allow her to breath after birth.  In an EXIT they secure the airway of the baby before fully delivering her.  We did our own research at home on the internet and read all about cervical teratomas and looked at websites very much like this one and all we heard were very bad stories about what could happen.  Courtney was put on bed rest until delivery on July 31st.  At 3:30 am on the 11th her water broke and we rushed to the hospital.  The doctors believe she went into early labor due to carrying so much excess amniotic fluid.  She was carrying this fluid because Alyssa wasn’t swallowing it because of the mass.  On the right is a picture of Alyssa after she was born.  Her doctor scheduled the surgery to remove the mass for wed. at noon.  We then were told everything that could possibly go wrong during surgery.  Everything from half her face being paralyzed, to not being able to speak well because of losing a voice box nerve, to her not making it at all.  The surgery was expected to take from 1 to 3 hours.  She was in surgery for 45 min.  Bottom right is Alyssa shortly after surgery.  Amazing the difference 45 min. can make.